Why Join?

Why Join the Fremont Area Writers?

I have often been asked, “Why should I join the Fremont Area Writer’s Club”, and my best answer has always been, “For the people, for the resources, for being with other writers.” Here are some additional reasons:

Fremont Area Writers is a Portal to Success in Writing, click below to download the application.

FAW Writer’s Application

We offer three major benefits: Networking, Education and Exposure

  1. Networking
    1. Meeting other writers
      • Published
      • Unpublished
      • Professionals
      • Beginners
      • Meet people who write what you write
      • Meet people who have been published and learn how they did it
      • Share what you know with others
    2. Support
      • Stuck for an idea?
      • Need help with a Query letter?
      • Looking for an editor or agent?
    3. Forming Critique partnerships or groups
    4. Fun
      • Parties
      • Picnics
  2. Education
    1. Workshops Discount Prices
      • Memoir writing
      • Blogging
      • Editing
    2. Speakers
      • Writers
      • Agents
      • Editors
    3. Resources
      • Agents
      • Editors
      • On-line tools and resources
    4. Tricks of the trade
  3. Exposure
    1. Socialize your work
    2. Discover new markets
    3. Learn to be objective about your own work

Fremont Area Writers is a Portal to Success in Writing Skip Directly to the Membership Application