FAW Officers for 2020-21 Elected 

At the Fremont Area Writers meeting of June 27th 2020, the following were elected,  by acclamation, to serve as branch officers for the new CWC year 2018-19:

President—Terry Tosh

VP— Knuti VanHoven

Secretary—Rekha Ramani

Treasurer—Cherilyn Chin.

Congratulations to all.

IF you’d like to become an active FAW volunteer or project organizer, please come to the Board meetings, which are held at 12:30 PM (one and a half hours before each of our membership meetings) on the fourth Saturday of month except July and December.


Board Chairs and Members – If you have questions, suggestions, or want to volunteer, contact:

Hospitality:  Sue Curtzwiler

Central Board Representative: Tish Davidson

NorCal Representitive:  Anita Tosh

Membership Chair: Anita Tosh

Publicity: Knuti VanHoven 

Book Exchange: Anita Tosh

Newsletter: Nancy Guarnera

Newsletter Liaison:   Knuti VanHoven

Book Signing Event Coordinator: Jan Small

Volunteer Coordinator: Sue Curtzwiler

Community Outreach: Helen Vandenberg/Urmila Patel

Historian: Bob Garfinkle

Signage: Art Carey

Flyers :  Nancy Guarnera

Open Mic:  Bruce Haas, Tony Pino

Sound Equipment:    Paul Davis/Robert Cabello/Terry Tosh

Facebook Coord/Admin:  Amber Deann

Webmaster: Scott Davidson

Currently Needed Volunteers: