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October’s Presentation

The Economics

of Freelancing


“Let’s Talk Money”


Margaret Lucke

The last time Margaret spoke to us, she told us about the trials and tribulations of a career in freelance writing.   She shared her experiences and all that she’d learned on her own journey to build a career as a freelance writer.  She discussed the pros and cons of freelancing and she laid out strategies for success that have worked for her over time.  But just when our questions turned to the nitty gritty, we ran out of time!  Margaret agreed to come back to continue the topic and to answer the questions left unanswered after her last visit.

And now she’s back!  Ready to share more about freelancing and the business of making writing your business, she’ll share some more of her story and then take questions.  So, look back at your notes from last February’s meeting, formulate some questions about making money as a freelance writer, and join Margaret for more on how to create and enjoy a lucrative career as a freelance writer.

In her own words, “Writing is a creative endeavor offering many kinds of rewards.   If you’d like some of those rewards to be financial, it helps to treat your freelance writing enterprise as a small business.  Come and learn what writing pays and how to be not just an author, but an entrepreneur.”

Learn more about Margaret Lucke at margaretlucke.com.


October’s presenter will be Margaret Lucke, back by popular demand to continue her series on the business of writing.

She will discuss how well different writing projects usually pay, and other often considered questions.

The next FAW event will be held at 2PM on Saturday October 27th, program announcement above. The event is admission-free ($5 donation requested) and will take place in Room 115  of  42 Silicon Valley (formerly known as DeVry University), 6600 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont CA 94555. 

President’s Message

Terry Tosh – October 2018

Wow! Whiz bang couple of months it has been. Barely got my feet wet in this new pool of Writer’s Club Leadership waters and was thrust into the deep end by a tidal wave of rapidly approaching deadlines. By the time you see this message, we will have been through my first meeting with the board and general meeting as the FAW President, as well as my first visit at the Suju Coffee House “open  mic” night, the NorCal leadership conference, and probably the Fremont Library booksigning event. What a way to start the coming year of fun and hopefully profitable writing events and all that it encompasses. Watch for the announcements of coming speakers, events and learning and time for sharing of talents.  Be thinking about your ideas for our coming 10th anniversary celebration of FAW, new branding, and potentially opportunities for regular readings.

Thanks for the support and patience through my initial voyage into leading this wonderful group.


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An Open Mic for writers to read their work is held from 7-9 p.m. at Suju’s Coffee and Tea, 3620 Thornton Ave., in Fremont, on the fourth Monday of the month.