Evelyn La Torre

Evelyn LaTorre thanks the many FAW members who critiqued her memoir, Between Inca Walls, A Peace Corps Memoir, over the past several years. It is available now for preorder at your bookstore or on Amazon.com.

Evelyn grew up reading all the books in her rural Montana town’s school library. Throughout her childhood, she kept diaries, wrote prize-winning poems, and invented imaginative stories. At age sixteen, she moved to California where her high school English teachers often had her read her writing in class.

While obtaining a doctorate in multicultural education, and a master’s degree in social welfare, Evelyn switched to academic writing. Since retiring from her school administrator position in 2002, Evelyn writes about the travels she and her husband have taken to over 100 countries, and her early life. You can view her stories and photos on her website, www.evelynlatorre.com. Her writing has appeared in World View Magazine, The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, the California Writers Club Literary Review, the Tri-City Voice, Dispatches (the Overseas Adventure Tours Magazine), and Clever Magazine. She is currently completing a second book about the struggles and triumphs of a bicultural marriage.