FAW Member Renewal

You can now join FAW using PayPal. You can pay with a credit card within PayPal. Just click on the third icon you see after you click Join or Pay. You don’t need to be registered with PayPal. The icon to use a credit card looks a little like this:

If you’d rather pay by check, please send it, payable to Fremont Area Writers to

Fremont Area Writers, P. O. Box 47, Union City, CA 94587.
This page if for current members to renew. If you are not yet a member of Fremont Area Writers, you can join on our Join Us page.
Remember – renew by July 1 and be entered into a drawing for a free membership!
Instructions: To renew your FAW membership, click the Join Button under Renew your Membership. You can either just renew, renew and prepay FAW program expenses, prepay and donate $45 to provide memberships to those who may have trouble paying, or do both. Just click on the button for the option you wish to use. The total will reflect your choice. Then click on either one of the PayPal icons or the credit card icon. You must have a PayPal login to use PayPal, anyone can use the credit card option. After filling out your information click Pay Now. That’s all there is to it.
If you are a member of another club you can renew with FAW for $25. Click on Pay under Renew a Dual Membership. The rest of the process is as above.
If you have already renewed and wish to either Prepay or donate for Hardship support, use the third and fourth buttons below. This is not for renewal.
Questions? Email Scott Davidson at scottfrombayside@yahoo.com

Renew your Membership

To renew your FAW membership ($45) click the Join Button below.

You can Prepay FAW Program Expenses for next year here ($50) and/or provide support for those who may find it difficult to pay for membership. ($45)

FAW Basic Membership



Renew a Dual Membership

If you are a member of another club, you can get a dual membership for $25. Click the Pay Button below.

FAW Dual Membership Renewal



Prepay FAW Program Expenses

You can prepay for meetings for $50. Click the Pay button  below.

Prepay FAW Program Expenses



Hardship Membership Support

You can support those who may find it difficult to pay for a membership. To provide Hardship support ($45) please click below.

Donation for Hardship Member Support