Angelica G Allen

Angelica G. Allen is a Seventh-Day Adventist author from Fremont, California of the Bay Area. She is a Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants and Colin Kaepernick fan who graduated with her Bachelors degree from California State University East Bay after graduating from Chabot College with honors. Her favorite song is “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy, her favorite movie is “Interstellar” and her favorite book is the Bible (she has read the whole Bible twice, and is working on her third time)! She also enjoys the beach, bike riding and loves small animals (especially puppies, bunnies and lambs).   

Angelica G. Allen created and copyrighted the Millennial Fiction and Millennial Poetry genres to let millennials know they can overcome every obstacle with Jesus. She expresses this in her storytelling and lyrical poetry with Seventh-Day Adventist symbolism, coded languages, illustrations and her one-of-a-kind backwards climax structure as defined in her genres’ U.S. Library of Congress copyright. You can learn more about her genres and books on her website,, or by following her @AngelicaGAllen on Social Media.