Sheila Bali

Sheila Bali was born in Budapest, Hungary, when Hungary was governed by the iron grip of post WW II Russian communism. At the age of 7, she and her family were forced to flee for their lives, narrowly escaping the murderous 1956 revolution against the Russian occupying forces. As a refugee, she experienced a time of frightening insecurity, until she finally immigrated to Canada. There, she lived most of her life in Montreal, and speaks multiple languages- English, French and Hungarian. She received a Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University, and went on to pursue further studies in Art Education and Special Education from McGill University.

The urge to write came after Sheila’s mother had recently passed away. At first, she wanted to tell her mother’s life story. Later, the writing urge turned into a passion when her friends and husband encouraged her to write about her own dramatic exodus from Hungary. In her first book, Sheila draws from her life experiences, colors them with imagination and culminates them into a beautiful painting of words.

Sheila has exhibited and sold her paintings in Montreal and has taught special education classes. Later, she started up and ran a successful nation-wide specialty cut flower business. She currently lives with her husband and two dogs in San Francisco, Bay Area. Sheila has two wonderful children and two handsome grandsons.