Jan Small

Jan Small, award winning artist, writer, teacher has successfully conducted a school of art for the past 50 years. Her art has been exhibited nationally and internationally, seen on television, published in newspapers and magazines, and purchased for public and private collections.

She has lectured and demonstrated to art associations, churches and Christian organizations.  Jan has taught art classes through College of Holy Names, Oakland, CA, Fremont School District, Fremont Recreation Department. She has taught special classes to the mentally and physically handicapped, to senior citizens and to abandoned and abused children at Alameda County Juvenile Hall.

She has the following books published:

Healing By His Design is about designing your feelings and giving them to God to heal.

Revelation Illustrated has 214 paintings and stories about the paintings.

The Making of An Artist – The First 70 Years, an autobiography about how God made this artist.

Inspirations Of A Tour Of Dreamworks Studios is made up of illustrations and stories by  Jan and her students of creatures never before created.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Is a children’s book. 

How To Draw and Paint A Cat 34 Ways  Is an amusing book of illustrated cats in different professions.

How I Hear Him tells stories of how God talks to her and how she uses the information

She holds 4 art classes a week in her studio. She continues to write the books and paint the visions given to her by our Heavenly Father.

Jan resides in Fremont, CA, with her husband, Larry. Her sons and their families live nearby. 

Her work and contact information can be seen on her web site: www.jansmall.com