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William “Papa Bill” Ballew is a fifteen-time published author and he has four (4) e-books, too.  William “Papa Bill” Ballew was born and raised in Iowa. In 1947, Baby Billy was baptized by Father Flanagan, the Founder of Boys Town, Bill Ballewlocated near Omaha, Nebraska. Bill joined the USAF in 1965, right after graduating Bishop Heelan Catholic High School in Sioux City, Iowa and Bill served in the Far East during the Vietnam War while in the USAF.   Bill met Sherry while he serving at Sewart AFB in April 1966; they were married in Sioux City, Iowa upon his return from the Far East in July, 1968 and their first home was in Tucson, Arizona while stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB; both Julie and Nathan were born in Tucson, AZ; they moved to CA in 1978.
Bill’s hobbies have included: writing, golf, racquetball, archery, playing Pinochle and tournament Poker. “Papa Bill” has played poker tournaments at the WSOP in Las Vegas, NV.   “Papa Bill” cashed (i.e., won money) at the WSOP; during the Seniors Event in 2006, Bill finishing 62nd out of 1,184 players. In the following year (2007) during the World Series of Poker Main Event, “Papa Bill” went deep but finished just short of the money; approximately 912th out of about 6,400 players.  Mr. Ballew currently lives in Pleasanton, California to be near his children, Julie and Nathan plus his three grand children: Alexis, Hunter and Sierra.  My favorite time of the year is from a few days prior to Thanksgiving through the Christmas holidays because all the family is together and I feel the happiest and am the most grateful to be alive during this family-time of the year.
“Papa Bill” has fifteen books to his credit including: 1) The Unbeatable Pinochle System (Published in 1991 and sold nationally by Bicycle Cards), 2) The Entertainment & Gambling Guide to Casino Games (1993), 3) Cigar-versations – The Godfather Chronicles (Published in 2008), 4) Poem’s of a Heart Held Captive (Published in 2009),  5) Papa Bill’s 1001 Party Favorites Joke Book(Published in 2010), 6) The Joke Vault (Published in 2010 By William Ballew and Nathan Ballew), 7) The Pinochle Strategy System (2011), 8) That’s Why They Play The Games (Published in 2012 By William Ballew and Robby Tulk), 9) Riddles and Brain Teasers (Published in 2012 By William Ballew and Nathan Ballew), 10) One More Day (Published in 2013), 11) Street Life (Published in 2013), 12) Dead Man Walking (Published in 2013), 13) Poker & Political Jokes (Published in 2013), 14) Old Age Jokes & More (Published in 2013), 15) Golf & Sports Jokes (Published in 2013).

I joined the California Writer’s Group and specifically the Fremont Chapter; I have been attending events that have helped me grow as a writer and storyteller. I find it helpful to be around other writers and I even took a small risk and read one of my poems at Paddy’s coffee shop in Union City. Felt good, even easy plus I received more than a little applause, good support from my fellow writers.  Currently, I am using my time to better myself as a writer, specifically as a storyteller for screenplays. I have four current projects, including a poker book that will be out prior to the World Series of Poker in June-July, 2013. My short-term writing goals include the following: 1) to publish at least five books per year and 2) write a Mystery novel by the end of 2014 and 3) re-write my four screenplays in 2013 and, 4) help aspiring authors to grow their talent by associating with other writers and short-cutting the “learning curve” by sharing all the little secrets that I have amassed over the years.

My Interests:
Writing Historical Fiction
Writing non-fiction gaming, humor and poetry
Playing Poker, especially attending the WSOP
Golfing Learning how to improve my technique for storytelling


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