Board Chairs and Members – If you have questions, suggestions, or want to volunteer, contact:

Hospitality:  Nancy Curteman

Central Board Representative: Evelyn LaTorre

NorCal Representitive:  Agnes Kirkhart

Membership: Andrew Halligan

Public Relations: Knudi VanHoven

Telephone Outreach: Pat van den Heuvel

Book Exchange: Bruce Haase

Newsletter: Myrla Raymundo

Newsletter Liaison:   Knuti Van Hoven

Book Signing Event Coordinator: Jan Small

Volunteer Coordinator: Nancy Curteman

Community Outreach: Liz Breshear

Historian: Bob Garfinkle

Signage: Art Carey

Flyers :  Carol Hall

Book Signing: Jan Small

Open Mic:  Tony Pino

Sound Equipment:    Bruce Haase  

Community Outreach:  Liz Breshear

Facebook Coord/Admin:  Carol Hall

Meetup: Carol Hall

Telephone Outreach:       Pat Van den  Heuvel

Currently Need Volunteer:
Community Outreach ½ yr.