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Poet, Artist and Blogger Martha Clarke Scala will speak at the May 26th meeting of Fremont Area Writers. 
Her topic will be “Happenstance as Muse.”  

Martha Clark Scala

When the other members of her original family died within just one decade, Clark Scala turned to the arts as her refuge.  “Creative projects” she says  “saved me from despair.”

“Today, she adds “I give voice to my grief—and also my joys—by crafting collages and sharing poignant vignettes of family life in prose, poetry, photographs, and videos. These activities are the salve that helped bring joy back into my life.”

She describes her blog Out on a Limb,
 (at www.marthaclarkscala.com)  as an exploration of ways to maximize  joy in life.
 “It’s not” she adds “that I have joy all figured out.  
This blog is as much a meditation for myself in the pursuit of joy, as for you.”

How is it possible to convert whatever beauty, laughter or tragedy that life sends you – into inspiration?  She’ll share her methods at:
 Fremont Area Writers monthly meeting, at 2PM, Saturday ,May 26th.    The event is admission-free, in Room 115 of (the former  DeVry University) “42 Silicon Valley”,  6600 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont CA 94555. 


Presidents Message

April 2018

It is that time of the CWC year (July 1 to June 30) when each branch starts looking for officers for next year. The strength or our branch comes for the leadership.

We will hold nominations at the May general meeting and announce the candidates. The positions that need to be filled are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We need everyone in the branch to consider running for a branch office or taking on a committee position either this year or next. Elections are held at the June general meeting with the new officers starting their term in July.  I will be out of the country all of May, so you can send to me an email at: ragarf@earthlink.net, to let me know of your desire to keep your branch running smoothly. No experience needed, but only you enthusiasm to keep FAW running to help all of our local writers.  By the way, I will not be running for another term as your president.

Knuti has given me a list of our future speakers and it is an impressive list.


Fremont CWC Bay Area Writers


kudos-nice work

Three members of Fremont Area Writers have won recognition in writing contests sponsored by the San Mateo County Fair.

Dave Strom took first place in Digital Media Audiobook with The Malevolent Mystery Meat.

Tish Davidson won second place in the Genre Novel First Chapter for the first chapter of her second book,Dogonne Hot: A Nan Heitman Mystery. The prize includes publication in the anthology Carry the Light and coaching worth $150 with Beth Barany, developmental editor.

Cherilyn Jose, FAW treasurer, took second place in a Best Blog Contest for her entry, “My Manta Ray Encounter.” Her blog will also appear in the anthology.

Fremont CWC Bay Area Writers


An Open Mic for writers to read their work is held from 7-9 p.m. at Suju’s Coffee and Tea, 3620 Thornton Ave., in Fremont, on the fourth Monday of the month.

Fremont Area Writers is a branch of the 1,700-member California Writers Club. To find out more, log on to www.cwc-fremontareawriters.org or contact Shirley Ferrante at (510) 791-8639.